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Thank you! I'll be in touch soon xx TCW

Inquiries for weddings and celebrations in 2021 welcome!

Please include the date, time, venue, and guest count for your event. Couples inquiring about weddings, I'd love to know your pronouns (I'm they/them!).




Where do I pick up my cake?

TCW works their magic at Rooms&Works, located at 55 Cromwell Street in Providence, RI. Guests may dial CakeWitch on the call box by the main doors for entry to the lobby/cafe area. For curbside delivery, please call or text 401-400-1072 and include your vehicle.

How do I schedule a class?

If you are inquiring about specific class date availability, please indicate your first and second choice date and time (must be at least two weeks in advance, Wed-Sat 10am-3pm).

How do I schedule a tasting?

If you're ready to take a bite, please send an inquiry including the details of your event, we will find a date/time, and I will provide you with the shop link to purchase your tasting!